Thursday, January 3, 2013

Response to the Arguments against Yoga

This morning, I watched a video on Fox News and have a response to Larry Winget's arguments against yoga

Dear Sir,  

I personally invite you to my city (or any of my other favorite cities) to try some amazing yoga classes and maybe even an acro event at Project Yoga Richmond? You can learn about how yoga is not singular and about how life is much more than "winning and losing." Perhaps exploring the philosophy and roots of the practice would be beneficial for your complete understanding. 

Yes, life is tough. Competition surrounds us. However, you don't have to degrade the benefits of yoga to promote sports and competitive activities, What if people engaged in an activity that cultivates self-awareness, strength, focus, and compassion so that they can perform well and fair in competition? Just as you don't want kids to be "cheated" of playing sports, they shouldn't be cheated of learning more about themselves through yoga, especially with the false claim that no "real life" lessons exist with yoga. 

Debate yoga as a "sport" all you want, but please don't claim that some of the strongest (physically and emotionally) and kindest people I know are wusses. Professional athletes and soldiers have engaged in the practice, and they might not appreciate that sentiment either. 

With gratitude.