Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey! Remember that time you had a blog?

It was a long, deep slumber away from the blogging world. I have enjoyed abundant happiness, seemingly insurmountable struggles, fruitful endeavors, revelations, etc., but I just found myself "too busy" to blog. The reality is that life is never too busy for that which you prioritize. I am glad that the thrill of technology and the idea that anyone actually reads this ("What is a horseshoe? What does a horseshoe do? Are there any horse socks? Is anybody listening to me?") finally pulled me back.

I promise to share the laughter, light, and love that seems to be joining me consistently these days. For today, happiness is creativity... creativity and a juicer. My mother gave me an old juicer we had back in the 1990's. Being the frugal and nutrition-savvy nerd that I am, throwing away the pulp is not an option. I have finally perfected a muffin recipe using the carrot/apple/ginger goodness that is leftover from juicing. Wish me luck as I enter it in Ellwood Thompson's Half-Baked contest!

[Follow up: I won!]

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